eyes open

eyes open
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The Window of Opportunity

Well. Thank goodness for the quirks of the calendar! This added week in November is, I'm sure you have already grasped, a great opportunity! "December-Holiday-mind" has a one-week buffer! We can all get into a true rhythm, one that might must carry us us to mid-December if we are lucky.

As far as law firms are concerned, this gives them time to actually make decisions on interviews of corporate candidates that have been pending--some pending since the original August credit revelations. Thus, if you are in the midst of a search, I can assure you your recruiter is or should be humming along and exceedingly busy.

To all my own candidates, you can believe that I am either already embroiled in analysis and calls on your behalf, or figuring out how to get just one more profile through the system. This is like a "mini-tax" season (by analogy) and we are burning the midnight oil. Further, if you are considering initiating a search, this is a good time. Getting your hat in the ring now during this fairly optimistic period in terms of market perceptions (yes, really), is a good thing--even if no movement can happen due to logistics until the New Year.

In all, forget shopping for trinkets, get out there and shop for your next gig. Early worm and all that . . . .

Just a thought.