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Not your usual blog post: But Let's be Colleagues Anyway

I've been told that no one wants to read a blog about ideas, philosophy, art, culture: you know, boring stuff that "doesn't make money."

We'll see about that. In my view what we need more of if folks who are busy thinking about their respective industries--and their respective lives, cultures, countries, political parties and favorite novels---and start putting it all together. What do you say? Shall we start a dialog about life, zen, business and sales all at once? I think so.

I can tell you this: And I've said it elsewhere in this blog: You need to start thinking about the 'colleague' paradigm. Every person who meet in a business context or any superficial social context is a potential colleague. What is a colleague? It's someone who talk to about business; someone who exchange interesting and pertinent articles with; it's someone who swap leads with; it's someone who eventually wind up doing business with.

But keep the crazy stuff to yourself--or your 'secret' blog.

Bottom line: you need like, oh, 500 'colleagues'---folks you can call, remember their kids names, remember their company's last merger (it's all written down in your notes, dammit!) and think about ways to help each other out. It's an economy of give and take. Not take. That's over.

It's especially over right now: "jobs" are not only scarce, they're almost a thing of the past. The concept of "contract" work, "project" work, "consultancy" is king. It's more than that, it's king, queen, jack and 10 of spades. Get affiliated with a quality agency, and start getting work and experience in a safe, legal and gratifying way (might I suggest my own business here?).

Let's face it---everything, everything, everything is up to you---so start GETTING relationships started. Oh. Did I mention this is time-consuming! That's right. Hours. Hours you didn't know you have. Surprise! You just found them. I did!

Write your experiences below. I'm interested to hear what you think?

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