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A True All Hallows' Eve

Of course, one cannot as a resident of San Francisco (even if only during the day) fail to recognize "the City"'s single greatest holiday of the year: Halloween. On the other hand, what more is there to say about the pageant? Of course we all know of the spurious superstitious roots (both "Pagan" and Christian) and we all hear quite enough laments about rampant commercialism, etc. Neither do I have anything witty to say about the net Zeitgeist of casual eroticism and lavish ennui that currently reigns.

But I do have an "All Hallows' Eve" story all my own. My wife's favorite and closest Aunt passed away on Sunday. Thus, as my wife is the family designee for all things logistical and was closest to our beloved aunt (no offspring) today, on the Eve of all Souls (All Hallows), we are, as a family, checking with florists, meeting with the lawyer (not me, thank g-d, I'm just sitting here in this non-descript Starbucks knock-off with the kids in tow trying to write a blog entry), finishing plans with the cemetery, calling friends, sorting sympathy cards, trying to figure out what to do with 94 years worth of stuff, stuff and more stuff. Oh yes, and dealing with the realities of the trust allocation--different than we thought.

Ironic for my aunt ("absolutely NO religious ceremony, no prayers, no 23d Psalm" at the ceremony) but fitting for me, the burial is tomorrow, the Feast of all Saints. It only serves to emphasize how important family, life, sacrifice, and just plain "doing things together" is. Amid all the memories, plans, sadness, craziness, and details, I'm glad that having been a lawyer for all those years hasn't (yet) burned out that core of caring, softness, weakness and irrationality inside. It is at times like these when I am glad I practiced in the Bay Area, where the "24/7/365 lawyer" paradigm is weakest.

I hope that if you have someone to miss, that you miss them well today and tomorrow.

Just a thought.

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