eyes open

eyes open
"know thyself" is the cure, the answer, the process, the goal, the result


Exploitation Begins At Home! - (Networking 101)

Who here says "I don't know how to (want to) network"? OK. Really, really simple: begin making a list. Go to your Outlook contacts folder, your family address book, every one of your email accounts: create a master list of EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING ON THE EARTH THAT YOU KNOW.

Well. If every single person on that list doesn't know you are looking for work/looking for a change/seeking more business, etc., then you haven't even done step one of networking.

People pay big dollars for lists of potential contacts. But you already have upwards of a 1000 contacts ALREADY----start using them. Even your maiden aunts. Remember the 3 degrees of separation rule? That means that everyone---EVERYONE you know is related somehow to someone who can give you business. Get your message out.

Getting it out: start calling and reestablishing relationships. Start sending emails offering to go out for coffee. Make an entry on your personal blog or FB. Start now. Don't even think of going to networking events and cold-calling until you have exhausted the network you ALREADY HAVE.

Got it? Good.

Happy hunting!