eyes open

eyes open
"know thyself" is the cure, the answer, the process, the goal, the result


Pro's Don't Do it That Way . . . .

I just had another wonderful experience speaking to participants in the job-preparation clinic at our local San Francisco Goodwill.  Today I slipped in my pet-peeve of the month:  looking through job listings.  Let me tell you folks: this is not how high-functioning professionals--in ANY industry change platforms.  Sorry.  If the job is on a board, that either means almost no one is qualified to do the job, the job is a fake posting, the posting is stale, or no one wants to work there.  I don't have a particular problem in folks perusing them, but it's sort of like watching infor-mercials:  WASTE. OF. TIME.

What professionals do:  professionals take the time to figure out exactly what they can and cannot, will and will not do.  They know what their industry is doing.  They research where the growth trends are and where the areas of under-exploitation are.  Then they find companies that fit the profile they create.  Then they pick up the phone and call the CEO and tell them they want to work for them for the following three (insightful) reasons.

My results with this method?  4 for 4.